SNEAK of the WEEK [W40-19]

Converse X Ibn Jasper Pro Leather High Top - Three in the 6

Converse x Ibn Jasper Pro Leather High Top
Price: $150
Colourway: White/Egret/Black [165744C]


We like sneakers that tell a story, and especially when reinventions of designs weave some of the original shoe’s history into the new release.

The just-launched Converse x Ibn Jasper Pro Leather checks off all of those boxes, and then some.

The Pro Leather was a swansong basketball shoe for Converse: the company had completely dominated the basketball shoe market for decades, but by the time the Pro Leather had run its course the hardcourt landscape had changed forever. Converse had withered away, its shoes relegated to obsolescence by the modern performance shoes being produced by adidas and Nike.

Revisiting the Pro Leather may highlight a sad chapter in Converse history, but that’s soon forgotten when you begin to admire the details that define this latest iteration of the former hardcourt sneaker.

The original Pro Leather’s eight year production run birth year is denoted in those details, the shoe’s birth year engraved on brass shoelace tags (1976), and its demise represented by embossed roman numerals (1984) on the collar.

Crisp and clean in its premium white leather presentation, the overall design is enhanced by grey suede overlays and its tongue that has been embossed with a snakeskin pattern. Other fine touches include the use of a mesh material for the toebox, a tan leather lining, and red satin insole.

Contrasting the traditional basketball vibe and drawing the most attention is a laced in zipper closure, which actually looks sophisticated because of its complimentary antique brass finish.

Far from the rough and tumble look of your average Chucks, these Pro Leather shoes actually look to be too good for the street, begging the question, when and where would you wear them?