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Three in the 6 (T-6) is an electronic magazine, an e-zine that specializes in Canadian sneaker culture; however, that doesn’t mean you have to reside in the Great White North to appreciate the engrossing content that you will find here. T-6 contains feature content produced by industry insiders, which means that it’s an invaluable resource for sneakerheads and casual buyers the world over.

At T-6 we encourage our readers to become involved; every post and article is open to discussion and we always appreciate the ideas, feedback, and submissions that are sent our way. In particular, we’d like readers to participate in our upcoming Front Door Finds series. A contact form can be found at the bottom of this page, so drop us a line and say hello, or take a moment to tell us what you think of our magazine.

What is Three in the 6?

Three in the 6 (T-6) is the collaborative result of a trio of dedicated sneaker enthusiasts living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Having collectively decided to put their respective talents and knowledge to work, it became their goal to create a decidedly unique and authoritative voice within the Canadian sneaker scene.

What makes T-6 unique?

Expertise and experience, not only gained from working within the sneaker industry, but from having a life-long passion for cool footwear. Equally important, T-6 provides intelligent reporting in an era that is witnessing a dramatic erosion in literary competence. And finally, T-6 is a voice for Canadian sneaker fans in an online world dominated by other global markets.

Is T-6 a brand specific website?

Simply put, no.

T-6 is a simpatico sneaker source, and although we have our favorite brands and enjoy supporting them, it would be foolish to ignore everything else, especially at the expense of maintaining perspective. However, our focus is centered on a select group of quality manufacturers, which is why some are represented here more often than others.

Sneaker, sneaker, sneaker.

We call the lifestyle shoes that we’re so passionate about sneakers because that’s what they’re most commonly referred to where we live; plus, it helps to differentiate them from performance shoes (don’t worry, we like that genre too).

Of course sneakers are known by other names elsewhere. Calling them runners or trainers might be the standard in your part of the world, and if you’re particularly eccentric, you might even refer to them as plimsolls, or pumps. We like all of those names too – and will use them on occasion – but more often than not we’ll refer to rubber-soled, sport-inspired shoes as sneakers.

Where’s the heat?

We’re champions of the ordinary, mass-produced sneaker – especially given there are so many fantastic examples of them available to the average buyer. That’s not to say that we don’t sometimes find ourselves drawn to hyped models, but they often represent the dark side of the sneaker industry, and are an example of how clever marketing takes advantage of common character flaws. Hyped shoes, by their very nature, are overrepresented on the internet and in social media, which means that you won’t find too much about them here.


Uwe - Editor-in-Chief

Uwe “Grapes” Wachtendorf
The Enthusiast

A professional journalist, Grapes is the T-6 editor-in-chief.

Although a self-described “average sneaker buyer,” Grapes has more than a passing interest in the subject; he might not consider himself to be a sneakerhead, but his passion for leisure shoes is none-the-less undeniable.

Above all else, Grapes is intrigued by intricate design details and the story behind each models creation, something that all too frequently becomes lost as they roll off the production line.

Big Sean - T-6 Staff Writer
“Big Sean” Thomas
The Insider

An industry professional and shoe designer, Big Sean brings his extensive experience and knowledge of sneaker production to the table, and as such is our resident tech expert. He’s currently involved in the retail segment of the business, and like the rest of us struggles daily to keep his sneaker habit in check.

Why “Big Sean” you ask? As anyone who knows him can attest, Sean’s magnanimous attitude and larger than life personality can only be summed up by the word big.



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