adidas gives the Instapump Fury a Boost

adidas Boost x Reebok Instapump Fury - T-6

Giving the Instapump a Boost

They are two words without any particular significance to the average person, but in sneaker circles when you combine pump and boost in the same sentence you’re going to get someone’s attention and cause a lot of excitement.

In a move that few would have predicted, adidas and its subsidiary Reebok have announced the imminent arrival of a sneaker that combines a signature technology from each of the two fabled brands.

The just-revealed Instapump Fury Boost is a hybrid model that marries the Instapump Fury’s cage-like upper with a midsole made from ultra cushioning Boost.

Going so far as to claim it “will redefine the sneaker industry” is hyperbole from an overreaching marketing department, but such exaggeration shouldn’t detract from the sheer wow factor this mash-up will have.

The quarter-century-old Instapump Fury is without question a milestone design: not only has it withstood the test of time, the runner looks as revolutionary today as it did when it first appeared in 1994. Designer Steven Smith had successfully embraced the philosophy that less is more with his original creation, and as a result produced a performance shoe that was equal parts audacious and futuristic.

“We were always experimenting to find the best cushioning system possible,” Mr. Smith recounted while discussing the new model. “Instapump Fury Boost is exactly something we would have tried back in 1994 if we had the technology.”

Without specifying what they are, adidas claims that the Instapump Fury Boost received “numerous tweaks and upgrades.” The company is also being intentionally cagey by not releasing any official photos of the innovative shoe with its announcement.

Let the hype begin.

Designed to push that hype even further is the news that only fifty pairs of the Instapump Fury Boost Prototype will be made available on October 5, all of them through Japanese retailer atmos, a company known for pedaling less respected Instapump Fury interpretations.

For those of us who understand this marketing game and realize that those limited shoes are long gone, other iterations of the Instapump Fury Boost will be made available as part of three different packs to be released throughout the remainder of 2019.

adidas Boost x Reebok Instapump Fury - T-6
Are you inconsolable that you won’t get the atmos Instapump Fury Boost Prototype? As consolation the Tokyo store also has the Hello Kitty Fury.