adidas SPZL Spring/Summer 2019

adidas SPZL SS19 by T-6

The Spring/Summer 2019 adidas Spezial [SPZL] Collection has been unveiled and will be available in stores and online on March 8.

The first release of the two drop collection will include a six shoes supported by a range of complimentary clothing, all of which is said to be inspired by the “sneaker culture and style” of London, England. This isn’t exactly news given that the SPZL range has long been limited to drawing from exclusively British nostalgia.  

The design of the new SPZL sneakers also credits Robert Brooks’ personal adidas collection. Brooks apparently is “a character central to the evolution of Spezial,” and we like the irony of being able to write that adidas was inspired by Brooks.

Remaining true to the collection’s mantra of revisiting and updating models from the adidas archive, the first drop will include: two colourways of the Whalley SPZL [$140]; a white Norfu SPZL [$130]; an orange SL80 (A) SPZL [$155]; a dark blue AS 520 SPZL [$155]; and a grey ZX530 SPZL [$170].

Equally tempting is the SPZL clothing. Still beating the terrace-inspired horse, adidas presents a bright orange Wardour military jacket that is said to be aimed at “Spezial’s loyal terrace consumer.” Is it cynical of us to question the correlation between those who can only afford to buy the cheapest tickets for a football match with those who would spend $450 for a spring jacket?

For those who struggle with the premium pricing of SPZL gear, each new collection represents another hand-wringing opportunity to carefully pick and choose a single item – typically just the overpriced t-shirt or ball cap. The standout from SS19 for us is the McAdam track top and pants, a tailored rendering of the archetypal adidas Beckenbauer tracksuit.

We’ve confirmed that all six shoes will be available from adidas Canada, but there’s no word yet as to what will be available from the apparel line.

Whalley SPZL [$140]
Norfu SPZL [$130] - SL80 (A) SPZL [$155]
AS 520 SPZL [$155] - ZX530 SPZL [$170]
Wardour Military Jacket
McAdam Track Top and Pants