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History Copa Mundial adidas - Three in the 6

Mea Copa [adidas Copa Mundial History]

adidas’ legendary football boot, the Copa Mundial, has been kicking it for forty years now. We take a (very) brief look at some of the hallmark models from its fantastic run.

adidas Yung Falcon review

Forever Yung

An adidas designer is slumped over his desk, the soundtrack to his midday slumber an early ’80s song that he liked as a kid. “Eureka!” he exclaims when he wakes. “I’ll call the shoe the Yung!” Truth or urban myth? Professor Yung believes the shoe was actually named after him. You decide.

adidas Kamanda Korner

Kamanda Korner

Kamanda Korner is an ongoing feature that documents the manufacturing history of the adidas model that made its international debut on April, 2018. Kamanda Korner will be updated whenever new information is received and upon the release of additional Kamanda variations. [Updated: 19-Sep-19]