SNEAK of the WEEK [W16-19]

adidas I-5923 Imposter by Three in the 6

adidas I-5923 The Imposter
Price: ~$195 (€130)
Colourway: Collegiate Royal/Collegiate Royal/Ecru Tint [BD7597]


Designs that draw inspiration from bizarre moments in history are what we live for, which is why we’re bonkers over this week’s Sneak.

Based on one of the many strange stories from Olympic Games history, this upcoming special pack from adidas is entitled Frank Shorter vs. The Imposter.

The forty-two kilometer Olympic marathon traditionally ends with the runners completing a lap of the Olympic stadium. As the 1972 Olympic marathon neared its conclusion it was American Frank Shorter who was leading the race; however, it was a student by the name of Norbert Sudhaus who entered the stadium first for the victory lap.

Not fooled by the prank, the stadium booed the imposter who had snuck into the race to pose as the marathon winner.

adidas I-5923 Imposter by T-6
Norbert Sudhaus, a.k.a. The Imposter, on his fake victory lap.

Frank Shorter entered the stadium shortly after, and unaware of Sudhaus’ stunt, couldn’t understand the negative reception he thought he was being given.

The two-shoe adidas Frank Shorter vs. The Imposter pack pokes fun at that memorable Olympic moment, but of the two designs we give the Sneak-of-the-Week nod to The Imposter.

Using the Iniki (I-5923) runner as its base, The Imposter’s Collegiate Royal colourway mimics the shirt Sudhaus was wearing at the time, just as the **** on the shoe’s tongue is representative of the numberless runner.

The Frank Shorter side of the pack uses the ZX 500 RM, which naturally is given a Bold Gold colourway to indicate his first place finish, and 1014 on the tongue to copy his race bib number.  

This special pack appears – as of now – to be an exclusive offering from German retailer 43einhalb, and while it won’t be cheap to pick up either edition (roughly $196 for The Imposter, and $210 for the Frank Shorter), you will own a stand-out model with a pretty cool backstory to it.

adidas Shorter vs Imposter T-6
adidas ZX 500 RM Frank Shorter (left) and adidas I-5923 The Imposter