SNEAK of the WEEK [W18-19]

adidas Samba Purple Haze by T-6

adidas Samba OG Purple Haze
Price: $150
Colourway: Collegiate Purple [DB3011]


They were here one moment, and then in a puff of smoke they were gone. Were they real, or the product of a pipe dream?

Yes, they were real. And we have the photos to prove it.

It was impossible not to like the short-lived adidas Samba OG Purple Haze, a wonderfully irreverent take on cannabis culture and a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the annual 420 celebration.

The limited model was particularly poignant for Canadians still celebrating the recent legalization of recreational marijuana. It was a shoe that every Canadian pot smoker should own. And considering how fast the Purple Haze sold out, many do own them.

It was impossible to miss the shoe’s obvious styling cues: a luxurious purple velvet upper was the perfect material for being couch locked, and just to bend the mind a little, the contrasting super-hairy suede reinforcements gave you something to stare at.

That out-there upper was cradled by a cloud white outsole made of rubber, and it partially obscured a hidden 420 reference. One of the shoes had a 4, and the other a 20 stamped on its midsole, both barely visible through the smoke-like translucence of the outsole.

Far more obvious was the GOOD VIBES message stamped across the heel counters, while the least talked about feature was the secret pouch under the tongue, a place that you could presumably hide your stash – from the man.

One thing did leave us scratching our heads: Why did adidas choose to use the Samba? The shoe has long been a symbol of football culture, so was this unexpected transformation into a stoner’s lifestyle sneaker – although appreciated – an intentional and ironic antithesis of athletic wear?

adidas Samba Purple Haze by Three in the 6