SNEAK of the WEEK [W20-19]

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav - T-6

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav
Price: $110
Colourway: White/Black [MROAVLW]


Basic, do-all sneakers are a staple for every manufacturer, but producing designs that stand out in that ultra-competitive segment is not an easy task. For most it’s a choice between offering tried-and-true classics that have been with us for decades, or completely modern designs hoping to become the next classics.

Sneaker designs aimed at the less-discerning masses have to walk a tightrope: the balance between a simple, yet stylish look that isn’t too wild for conservative buyers is not an easy one to achieve.

We think New Balance has nailed that elusive goal with the Fresh Foam Roav.

Categorized as a “sport style sneaker,” the Roav presents a clean, modern profile with just enough contemporary styling to make it an intriguing choice.

The sharp two-tone upper is divided into two different materials: a breathable mesh fabric is used for the vamp, while a neoprene-like quarter gives the shoe its bootie fit.

Easily the most distinctive feature, we particularly like the accordion-shaped Ultra Heel that adds energy to the overall design.

Adding more sportiness is the swoopy midsole that is made from a single piece of New Balance’s proprietary Fresh Foam. The spongy material is typical of what is commonly used for budget-minded sneakers. Here for a good time, not a long time, foam soles provide a decent compromise between cost and comfort, and last as long the average buyer’s interest in wearing the shoe.