SNEAK of the WEEK [W21-19]

Puma Storm - Three in the 6

Puma Storm
Price: $120
Colourway: Galaxy Blue/Castlerock/Blue Turquoise/Yellow Alert [369770_01]


There’s a Storm coming.

Actually, as of today, the new ‘90s-inspired, street-style sneaker from Puma is already here.

The dynamic sneaker is a masterstroke of design. The Storm’s complex sole unit, the upper’s varied materials and competing overlays, all effectively conspire to evoke the turmoil of a violent storm. To stare at this sneaker leaves one feeling as if they had been staring at some unspeakable maelstrom.

We particularly like the Yellow Alert collar, which is like a flash of lighting cutting across the gloomy black and grey upper.

Puma promises follow-up colourways for the new model, but we can’t imagine any that could improve on this theme.

The Storm is constructed using a textile upper accentuated with mesh panels and suede overlays. Its wild sole consists of a compression molded EVA midsole atop a rubber outsole. Puma claims that the shoe has a sport DNA, but this is clearly a leisure sneaker at a budget-friendly price, making it all the more worthy of being a Sneak-of-the-Week.