SNEAK of the WEEK [W26-19]

adidas consortium alexander wang futureshell - T-6
adidas Kobe Bryant 1 - T-6
The unfairly maligned Kobe 1

adidas Consortium x Alexander Wang AW Futureshell  
Price: $355
Colourway: Platinum Metallic & Core Black [EE8489]


If the Futureshell looks somewhat familiar, there’s a good reason why.

Alexander Wang (AW) rummaged through the adidas archives and pulled out the controversial Kobe 1 for inspiration, a basketball shoe that was first unveiled in 2000 and has since then often been reimagined as part of the rebranded adidas Crazy collection.

Detractors of risk-taking designs will argue that the Kobe 1 should have remained buried in the vault.

The Kobe 1 and the even-more-out-there Kobe 2 were inspired by Kobe Bryant’s love of the Audi TT. The bold and futuristic look received its fair share of criticism – at times being compared to a toaster – but its undeniable impact on subsequent sneaker designs is a legacy that adidas should be proud of.

Although AW tweaked the innovative profile to create its own version of the shoe, it made sure that its design maintained the original’s edge. Appropriately named the Futureshell, this is still a shoe that looks to be ahead of its time.

A part of that outlandish vibe comes from its metallic sheen that was achieved through the use of patent leather; combined with its leather lining and robust sole unit, the Futureshell presents itself as a luxe model, one that adidas tries to convince potential buyers can be worn “from the gym to the club.”

Regardless of where you wear it, this is certainly a sneaker that will turn heads and spark debate, which makes a shoe-in for Sneak of the Week.