SNEAK of the WEEK [W3-20]

Asics Tiger GEL-Lyte III OG Trico 2020

Asics Tiger GEL-Lyte III OG Trico 2020
Price: $240
Colourway: White/Tricolor [1193A185.000]


It’s easy to get excited by designs that have a compelling story line, and anniversary models such as the OG Trico 2020.

A 30th anniversary iteration of Tiger’s venerable GEL-Lyte III, this spectacular effort is the result of the company’s collaboration with the Japanese retailer Mita Sneakers.

The out-of-the-park design involved Shigeyuki Mitsui, who was responsible for the original GEL-Lyte III, and Shigeyuki Kunii, Director of Mita Sneakers.

Inspiration for their creation was the image of the Hinomaru (Japans national flag) in motion, and is mimicked by the shoe’s red toe boxes that are overlaid on a contrasting white upper.

The Asics stripes are given their traditional tricolour treatment on the anterior side, but are monochromatic on the outside of each shoe to heighten the effect of the flag tribute.

Other touches unique to this special model include a fastener on the center of the shoe’s signature split tongue, and the words “Tokyo Edition” in Mitsui’s handwriting embroidered on the tongue.

Both of the designer’s names can also be found written on the shoe’s lining.