SNEAK of the WEEK [W37-19]

Diadora Rave - Three in the 6
Diadora Rave - Three in the 6

Diadora Rave Leather Pop
Price: $306
Colourway: Golden Poppy [201.175154 40048-3]


Diadora is an underrepresented brand within Canada, and that’s a shame.

A part of the problem is that Diadora shoes are next to impossible to find in Canada. Few domestic retailers carry the Italian marque, and although you can order shoes directly through its global website, high shipping costs and import duties make that a prohibitive proposition.

The end result is that Canadian sneakerheads who appreciate the company’s designs mostly do so from afar.

The situation is exasperated when new models such as the Rave are introduced. The enticing Rave is a part of the F/W 2019 catalogue and is slotted into the Heritage Collection, being offered in three build variations: the Leather Pop, Leather Nylon and Suede Leather.

The base for the Rave design is said to be a blend of elements from its previous performance shoe models and colour palettes that were popular during the ‘90s. In other words, the Rave falls into the continuing fad of retro-inspired, chunky designs.

More specifically, the design draws from signature components found on trekking shoes, which explains the aggressive looking Vibram outsole.

The use of “unconventional” premium materials provides the design with a contemporary connection, and the use of fluorescent and reflective details are also on trend.

We particularly like the Rave Leather Pop (available in three colourways) for its combination of a full grain leather and suede upper with a Neoprene sock. And we always appreciate trainers that ship with extra lace options. In this case two different pairs of mountain boot styled rope laces are provided.