SNEAK of the WEEK [W38-19]

adidas Kamanda BF - Three in the 6

adidas Kamanda BF
Price: $250
Colourway: Core Black/Core Black/Silver Metallic [EF3830]


It had been quiet on the Kamanda front for some time, but the latest variation of the dramatic sneaker has made enduring that lull well worth it.

Designed in collaboration with Bed J.W. Ford, a predictably enigmatic fashion label based in Japan, adidas has introduced its first laceless Kamanda.

The result of this slip-on redesign is to heighten the Kamanda’s minimalist statement, and at the same time increase the tension between its clean upper and aggressively edged outsole. And while we’re not crazy about the all-black colourway, it does demonstrate that there are exciting possibilities for this new profile.

Fans of adidas’ football-inspired sneakers will be struck by the Kamanda BF’s similarity to the Predator 18+ and 19+ street shoes, and might even argue that this new shoe is just a Predator with a Kamanda outsole.

We’re okay with that sentiment; tightening the connection between the Samba-soled Kamanda and football is something that works well and it adds more legitimacy to adidas’ endless assertions of it being a terrace trainer.

The Kamanda BF releases Friday, September 20, along with a BF version of the Crazy BYW, which is sure to impress basketball sneaker buyers as well.