SNEAK of the WEEK [W41-19]

adidas Type O-2R OAMC - Three in the 6

adidas Type O-2R
Price: $290
Colourway: Off White/Off White/Off White [EG9481]


The venerable adidas Stan Smith has once again served as the basis for a collaborative interpretation, and the popularity of the iconic tennis shoe as a go-to canvas for new creations is arguably unsurpassed in the sneaker industry.   

Working for the first time with adidas is men’s fashion brand OAMC. The company considers itself to be a total look design house, producing outerwear, shirts, trousers, eyewear, accessories, and of course shoes.

Employing OAMC’s design mantra that “respect for the past is important; notions of re-creating the past are not,” it’s not a surprise that the new four-shoe collection represents an upscale adaptation. True to form, adidas Canada is only offering us two of the four designs, which will be available as of November 1, 2019.

Here’s what we won’t get: the Type O-2L (leather upper), and the Type O-1L (leather upper with a strap).

The Type O-1S (suede upper with a strap) will be available, as will the Type O-2R, which happens to be our choice of the lot.

A fusion of models, the Type O-2R plays on the clean lines of the Stan Smith and uses a rubber upper that is softened by a leather lining. The ultra-modern look is beefed up by pairing it with a contemporary Supercourt RX EVA midsole.

The Type O-2R will be released in two monochromatic colourways. The hospital green version is alluring, but for our Sneak of the Week we chose the more versatile off white variation.

adidas Stan Smith Gore-Tex

We never do this with Sneak of the Week, but another Stan Smith variant deserves an honourable mention here. The Stan Smith Gore-Tex Infinium Thermium is a must-have for any diehard fan of the green tab and will be your go-to shoe over the coming winter months.