SNEAK of the WEEK [W43-19]

Converse Chuck 70 E260 - Three in the 6

Converse Chuck 70 E260
Price: $110
Colourway: Natural Ivory/Egret/Black [166463C]


Converse calls it a “heritage hybrid,” and a “mashup of unmistakable styles.”

You can call it whatever you like, but there’s nothing more perfect than an all-new design that looks like it was lifted off the shelf from the Basketball Hall of Fame. Clearly a tribute to the Converse court shoe of the ‘90s, the ERX260, this Chuck ironically looks far older than the original ever did.

It’s a beautiful sight, but also a delight for other senses too. Dropping your proboscis into the shoe’s waiting maw will undoubtedly provide you with that new sneaker smell, but we think the E260 also reeks of history and pure vintage goodness.

It feels old too. Using canvas as a base material, this interpretation is defined by its liberal use of heavy, complimentary coloured overlays that have been cleverly orchestrated to please any fan of vintage gear.

The more subtle touches that contribute to the overall effect include the use of vintage license plates on the heels, CONS and Star Chevron branding, and stainless steel eyelets.

The only detail that doesn’t quite look right is the top of the tongue, which looks to have been lifted off of the contemporary ERX260 model. Of course without that detail – and its plastic heel tabs – the shoe wouldn’t be much of a “hybrid mashup.”