SNEAK of the WEEK [W44-19]

Puma RS-X Bladerunner - Three in the 6

Puma RS-X Bladerunner
Price: $150
Colourway: Puma Black/Asphalt [369967_01]


This new Puma RS-X is more of a thematic exercise than an officially licensed product, but we like it all the same.

Inspired by the original Blade Runner film that was released in 1982, Puma gave this RS-X a colourway that would effectively capture the backdrop of the cinematic masterpiece’s dark and brooding dystopia.

The film’s story takes place in Los Angeles during November 2019, which fully explains the timing of Puma’s release; thankfully the film’s script writers vision of L.A. 37 years into the future hasn’t come to pass – and least not yet – but given the direction we’ve pushed our planet toward there’s a good chance that fiction will actually turn into fact.

Aside from its nearly all-black colour palette, the Bladerunner (sic) has a few other subtle styling cues that remind us of the film. As an example, the striped stitching that creates the Puma Formstrip and the etched leather overlay at the heel suggest the grid lines of the legendary image scanner used by Deckard to track down replicants.

For such a cult classic film we would have liked a tribute shoe to have been more overt; however, the Puma Bladerunner design does stand on its own and can also be appreciated by buyers who aren’t familiar with its backstory.