SNEAK of the WEEK [W46-19]

Converse Chuck Taylor MC18 High Top - T-6

Converse Chuck Taylor MC18 High Top
Price: $170
Colourway: Birch Bark/Grand Purple/Black [165938C]


Winter is coming. Actually, it’s pretty much here. And as any Canadian sneakerhead will tell you, winter is a very tough season to get through.

Rocking a nice pair of sneakers when the streets and sidewalks are covered in a salt and snow soup is not an option for most of us. We love our shoes too much to subject them to such conditions – and thankfully we don’t have to.

Winter sneakers have been around for quite a while, task-specific sneakers that are designed and manufactured to be more adept at dealing with the nastiness the season throws our way. Some even provide an extra measure of warmth, which means we can continue to wear sneakers even though our prize kicks are safely hibernating indoors.

The new Converse Chuck Taylor MC18 is a perfect example of what you should wear when you want to kick winter to the curb. With an aesthetic that was loosely based on vintage military boots, these Chucks are made from a water-repellent fabric that features a Gore-Tex lining. Underneath the tough upper is a durable and aggressive rubber outsole that provides traction when there often isn’t any to find.

For those used to buying $70 Chucks the $170 MC18 might result in sticker shock. However, when you consider the MC18 is a premium boot that will be your mainstay for the upcoming winter, and likely several more to come, the price will seem more like a reasonable investment.

Best of all, these don’t look like a regular pair of Chucks: It took a lot of lateral thinking to turn a canvas basketball sneaker into an all-weather boot, but that’s exactly what Converse did, and we really like the results. These winter beaters are not your grandfather’s Chucks.

The MC18 might not just be our Sneak of the Week, it could also end up being our Sneak of the Winter.