SNEAK of the WEEK [W48-19]

Reebok Experiment 4 Fury Trail by Pyer Moss

Reebok Experiment 4 Fury Trail by Pyer Moss
Price: $330
Colourway: Primal Red/Sandtrap/Black [EH1233]


Never even offered by Reebok Canada, and sold out elsewhere, the Experiment 4 is a true statement sneaker.

Reebok’s design notes for the shoe are more on the nose than our own assesment: Mining the depths of hyperbole, Reebok states the Experiment 4 Fury Trail collaboration with the Pyer Moss label created “a sacred object split into three layers, each one representing all those who climb to success through the creation of something sacred in the face of adversity.”

And to think we just thought it was a groovy sneaker.

Pyer Moss is claimed to have a reputation for creating fashion that “challenges social narratives,” which really is double-speak for creating love-or-hate designs.

The Fury Trail easily falls into that category, and there’s no doubt that it will have its share of detractors. From our perspective there’s nothing but love for this bold runner with its two-layer, shrouded tongue that provides the focal point of the shoe.

Another eye catcher is its rugged outsole and rubberized leather mudguards, which is said to provide excellent off-road traction despite the fact it’s highly unlikely very many of these shoes will ever see an actual trail.

The use of a knit upper with a velour lining belies the true nature of these sneakers, and proves they’re more adept for walking a red carpet than venturing off the beaten path.