SNEAK of the WEEK [W5-20]

adidas Tischtennis - T-6

adidas Tischtennis
Price: $120
Colourway: Cloud White/Grey Two/Team Royal Blue [EF5629]


True sneakerheads love vintage reissues like the Tischtennis.

More than any other sneaker manufacturer, adidas frequently dives into its archive to turn something old into something new again. The company has been practicing this regurgitation process longer than mass marketing master Nike has been in business.

Vintage reissues in their former life were often performance sport shoes. The Tischtennis falls into this category having originally been designed for “elite table tennis competitors” – which explains its unoriginal name.

Of course this partly adds to the attraction of  the Tischtennis; we’re accustomed to the revival of shoes from popular sports such as basketball and tennis, but footwear for fringe sports (in Canada) such as table tennis and handball are simply more exotic.

Described as an “authentic heritage shoe,” the Tischtennis is presented in its original colourway. Immediately intriguing is its multi-material upper that is a mixture of suede, leather, canvas and mesh fabric.

As an aside, the Tischtennis seems to have taxed adidas’ poor, overworked marketing staff. Their description of the shoe extols its design, in part “because table tennis is so much more than a pub game.”

A pub game? Did adidas perhaps confuse table tennis with darts? Could it have meant beer pong? Or an old Pong arcade machine?

The T-6 staff pride themselves on being profoundly familiar with pubs, but has never visited one that featured a ping pong table.