SNEAK of the WEEK [W7-20]

adidas Basket Profi - T-6

adidas Basket Profi
Price: $140
Colourway: Cloud White/Red/Gold Metallic [FW5000]


1969 was the year that man landed on the moon. And it was also the year that the Basket Profi was first launched.

The super-clean classic is the progenitor of the Pro Model and kinfolk to the famous Superstar, which was released the following year and is now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary.

There have been many variations of the Basket Profi over the years. We prefer the authenticity of the smooth leather models, and in particular ones such as this that add a measured and sophisticated colour palette to its otherwise formal appearance.

Those unfamiliar with the Basket Profi sometimes sweat the name; simply put, Profi is German for professional. Basket is of course basketball.

As you would expect from a reproduction of a fifty-year-old basketball shoe, there’s an absence of fancy tech in this mid-top sneaker. A classic gum rubber outsole sets the vintage tone, and an old-school leather upper lined with synthetic material completes the look.

Beautiful out of the box, the Basket Profi is none-the-less one of those sneakers that truly improves with age and wear. Break-in personalization is something that fans of the Superstar are well aware of, and it’s those fans who should be adding this shoe to their regular Superstar rotation.