SNEAK of the WEEK [W8-20]

Diadora Luminarie Pack - N9000H - T-6

Diadora N9000 H Luminarie Italia
Price: $410
Colourway: Roseate Spoonbill [201.176278]


Diadora is proud to state that its limited edition N9000 H Luminarie Italia is made in Italy – by Italians.

For some it might seem like an odd distinction to make; after all, wouldn’t you expect shoes manufactured in Italy to be made by Italians?

The truth is that the Italian clothing industry been heavily infiltrated over recent years by Chinese investment. A result of this ownership change is that many of the now Chinese-owned factories in Italy actually employ Chinese workers – or other lower wage non-Italians.

We don’t subscribe to the seemingly outlandish claim being made by some people that it’s this Chinese presence that was responsible for the severity of the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Italy.

Back to the sneaker.

The Luminarie Italia is a part of Diadora’s Heritage collection, which is a logical fit given designer Leo Colacicco’s inspiration came from the traditional light sculptures found in the Apulian region of Italy.

Described by Diadora as “a sophisticated kaleidoscopic of hues,” we really like the shoe’s striking colourway; however, we have to admit that its description – Roseate Spoonbill – forced us to perform an online search.

It turned out that a Roseate Spoonbill is a rather interesting looking bird, one with feathers so vibrant they would naturally be an inspiration for any designer’s colour palette.

Italian craftsmanship might partially explain the sneaker’s limited numbers and wallet-busting price, but it wasn’t the only factor. Diadora also lists the use of premium materials such as select pigskin, specialty nylon, and reflective details in the shoe’s construction.

Despite our love of the brand, we never miss an opportunity to complain about how difficult it is to buy Diadora shoes in Canada.

Most Canadian sneaker retailers kowtow to the Nike brand, and as a result fail to offer a diverse selection of international brands. Buying your sneakers directly from a manufacturer’s online store can help to counters this imbalance.

Diadora’s online store admirably offers the full catalogue to Canadian shoppers (many other manufacturers, like adidas, don’t), but its shipping fee (currently around $40) is prohibitively expensive, particularly when free shipping is the industry norm.