SNEAK of the WEEK [W9-20]

Converse Midnight Studios Pro Leather - T-6

Converse Midnight Studios Pro Leather High Top
Price: $150
Colourway: White/Egret/Black [165630C]


What do jazz bands, skateboarding, and Converse basketball shoes have in common?

We couldn’t figure it out.

The short answer is: a nonsensical Converse marketing campaign for the Midnight Studios Pro Leather sneaker. And yes, it’s another inside-out design (how many have we seen over the past year?).

That doesn’t mean we don’t like this shoe. This riff on the Converse Pro Leather is worth a second look. It might even be worth breaking out your credit card.

Ignoring the official backstory, which is forced hype, we appreciate the result that effectively made use of raw leather, creative stitching, and the wonderfully understated egret colourway. This subtle (from a distance) inside-out treatment neatly transformed a court shoe into an urban fashion accessory.

If the association with Midnight Studios is actually relevant to you, and you want to flaunt that detail, you’ll find the brand collaboration advertised on the overlong laces that are meant to wrap around your ankle.

A slip-on design they’re not, and they won’t help you play the saxophone, but you’re feet will look good on the dance floor shuffling along to a Kenny G tune.