The SNEAKER TECH page is where you’ll find articles that dive into the actual construction, materials and design process of sneakers. And we’ve thrown in a few sneaker-specific glossaries too (it’s a picture dictionary of sorts) to help you figure out the lingo. We also try to answer some of life’s deepest questions, like why do sneakers stink? Welcome to SNEAKER TECH, it’s time to get your geek on, man.


Puma - Bio Evolution - Three in the 6

Puma BioEvolution [Meet your next shoe designer]

Puma cooks up a material eating bacteria in its labs and hires it to customize your next pair of shoes.

adidas Haven - Sneaker Glossary

T-6 Sneaker Glossary

Don’t know what that thingamajigger is called? Can’t remember the difference between a cupsole and an outsole? Wondering what foxing is? Our sneaker glossary is here to help!